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Welcome to Twin City Supernatural RP! First and For most, this is a L3S3V3 forum. If found out you are not of legal age, you will be deleted and your IP will be banned. First and last warning. Otherwise, welcome! Read over the rules, history, and all that fun stuff before making a character! Once settled in, feel free to chat with us. Luna and TxValz are your friendly Co Admins. Their words are Law. Please enjoy your stay at Twin City and try not to find yourself dead.

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Twin City
Welcome to Twin City Supernatural RP! First and For most, this is a L3S3V3 forum. If found out you are not of legal age, you will be deleted and your IP will be banned. First and last warning. Otherwise, welcome! Read over the rules, history, and all that fun stuff before making a character! Once settled in, feel free to chat with us. Luna and TxValz are your friendly Co Admins. Their words are Law. Please enjoy your stay at Twin City and try not to find yourself dead.

-Game Master
Twin City
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Overview of our Factions Empty Overview of our Factions

Post by Game Master Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:41 pm

Here at Twin City, we have 6 very distinct groups of people. In this thread, we shall be explaining a bit about them so when you are deciding on what group to enter, you know what to expect.

Twin City Police Department

    | The Twin City Police Department (TCPD) is the local police force that welcomes all kinds of different races and genders to its ranks. Unlike the Mafias, this group is given a boot camp training time to make sure everyone is ready for when something happens. They vow to uphold the justice of Twin City and fight to keep both Mafias and any other criminals behind bars, though lately, it has been growing harder to do so. Regardless, they are looking for brave men and woman to swear an oath and enter their ranks! They also have casual Fridays with free coffee and donuts.

    | Police Chief Leonardo "Leo" Prince spearheads the TCPD. He has been the Chief of Police for the last twenty years and has made it his mission in life to put Travis Valentine behind bars one way or another. He views as if that man, and Rachel Rossi, are his number one problems, as well as a few hackers and an up and coming street gang called Untamed. Though he comes off as laid back do what you want in the office, he is a serious man out in the streets. He is fair yet strict, the type of man you want running this police force full of supernatural beings.

    | Courage, Honor, Commitment:

    • I vow to uphold the justice of the TCPD
    • I vow to always stop a wrongdoing even if it means stopping a friend
    • Taking a bullet for someone else is not even a second thought
    • If there is a cat stuck up in a tree, I vow to grab my ladder and get it. If I have no ladder, I will climb up the tree like I'm some kind of monkey and get it down. No cats will be left up in trees!

Valentine Mafia

    | The Valentine Mofia is in complete control of the Over world, aka the surface. Rumors say that any bad cop on the TCPD is paid off and in their pockets. Travis Valentine, owner of the Valentine Casino, is the Mob Boss of this family. His children, Christina, Robin, Serenity, and Kalense all work for him as his direct underlings. Many people have tried to connect Travis as the mob boss publicly, but each time he has been taken to court, evidence against him has vanished or there has been strong proof of him not linked to anything. Though, most people know for a fact that he is the same Travis Valentine that runs Mob and Casino.

    | Their goals and views are on what some people can say "Lawful Evil". Though evil, they play by a certain set of rules and code of honor. They hold each and every member of the Valentine mob to these codes and honors and dish out punishment to those who break them. While they steal and cheat just like anyone else, they do so by the books. Everything is organized and thought out carefully as if in a chess game with the world. One does not move unless the game master, Travis, says to do so. His goal for Twin City is complete control of both the upper world and the underground. His biggest threats are the Rossi Mafia members and the few good cops that look to take him down publicly.

    | Codes and Honors:

    • Once a member, always a member.
    • If you find something, report it to your higher-ups
    • If someone bests you, you allow them the glory of beating you. You do not turn around and stab them in the back
    • However, you may exact revenge in any way you wish as long as it does not allow the cops to link you to us
    • We do not use our own people as scapegoats, nor do we allow someone to be allowed to be taken without a fight unless told otherwise.
    • We are a family. Though we might not like each other, we will stand up for one another.
    • Don't overuse the cement shoes. Clutter is annoying.

Rossi Mafia

    | While the Valentine control the upper world, Rossis have complete control of what lies under the city. The Underground houses many different things, such as feeding grounds, a black market, a slave trade, a brothel, and so much more that the Rossi Mob monitors and takes a cut of. Anything and everything is legal as long as they get a piece of the action. Rachel Rossi is the Woman in control of the show. Her daughter, Rhyan, is the next one up in line. Though married, her husband plays little to no part in anything that happens. He is nothing more than a figurehead in the game she plays against Travis. Joshua Rossi, as said by Rachel many times over, is nothing more than a glorified human meat shield. He had done his job to give her children and she tends to place him in spots where it is too dangerous for her to show up. If there is a meeting, it is Joshua who goes in her stead. Though, she listens and hears everything that goes one. Even tells her husband what to say.

    | Rossi's are what we call Chaotic Evil. They are in it for themselves. Though they are a formed mafia, no one is safe. Unless you are in the very tight-knit circle that Rachel herself has hand-picked, you could very well be the next scapegoat in whatever incident that their way. Many people wonder why anyone works for a woman who would even allow her own husband to die, the simple fact is everyone who joins is after one thing: Chaos. They are granted some kind of protection to be able to cause as much havoc in the city as they possibly can. Rachel prefers bigger chaos than controlled. The more, the better.

    | We have one rule and one rule only:

    • Don't talk about fight club Everyone is in it for themselves.
    • Rachel is God Okay two rules, deal.


    | Untamed is a small group that has been labeled as a street gang. But that is far from the truth. The term they would like you to use is vigilantes. They oppose both mafias yet do not adhere to the rules that the police force has given out. They believe that while the TCPD is doing a great job at what they do, they simply cannot do everything. They start where the law cannot continue at. Many times, they have ended up on both sides of the law. Untamed ultimately would love for the streets of Twin City to be safe again, even if that means they have to get their hands dirty and shoot some people dead. Though their numbers are small currently, one day they will become large enough to do what their leader Biran Everad plans on doing.

    | Biran holds no love for either mafia nor the TCPD. He feels that since they refuse to do what is needed, he'll step up to the plate and take a swing at it. A few good many times he has found himself behind bars and in the clutches of either mafia. Yet he still comes back fighting. To his small group, he's an inspiration. He's helped out many of his fellow members either get the justice they deserved, or helped them out of a dangerous situation.

    |Rules are as follows:

    • Biran is in charge
    • We cannot force you to have a moral compass. Be careful who you double cross
    • Civilians are friends, not hostages
    • The Mafias are the enemy, not the cops
    • You rat us out or reveal information, don't be shocked if you don't wake up at all.

Free Agent

    | No, they don't work for free. A Free Agent simply means they are not tied to TCPD, The Valentine Mafia, The Rossi Mafia, or Untamed. They go and do as they please. They can be hired by civilians, b mafia members, by the TCPD, or they can work on whatever they want to. Their specialties range from hacking, stealing, to con artists, and so much more. There is no limit to what a Free Agent could well as how much they will charge. As stated before, they do not work freely. Once you have hired on a Free Agent, they will do what is best for them. Sometimes they will double cross you and even double dip. Sometimes they will come after you next if you fail to provide the promised goods they asked for. While there are an abundant amount of these people lying around, don't take their services lightly.

    | Free Agents tend to focus on one major skill. This could be any kind of skill they choose. Th reason for being a free agent is up to them, as well their terms of service. While they have the freest movement out of every section, that does not mean they are the best. Unlike the other factions, they hold no sovereignty to anyone. If someone comes after them, it is up to them and them alone to figure it out. Many work alone, though some work in pairs or teams. Their moral compass range from good to evil. It's just a matter of how you want to sell yourself and how far you are willing to go to get money.

    | My life, my rules:

    • Really, this section is up to you guys. You are your own blurb.


    | Civilians are nothing special. They are your everyday workers. Your store front people, your mall shopper, your tattoo artist. While they don't go out hacking government files...they are the ones who keep the hackers at bay. This group is for the everyday people who follow the rules yet do not want to be apart of the Police Force. Yet they are not apart of Untamed. They are your cit councilmen, your Mayor, and everything in between. Even college students. This is your average everyday body builder. You name it! You can think it, you can name it.

    | This is the group of people who have yet to figure out where exactly they would like to join. This group will be mostly filled with new comers to the site. Everyone starts off as such until a certain time. That time can totally depend on you! If you have a clear idea on where you want your character to go while making the profile, then after we accept your profile, we shall change your color! But for those of you who have yet to decide, don't worry! You can easily just interact with members of different factions and get a feel for where you want to go later on down the road. Maybe even just free agent if that's how you feel.

    | We the people:

    • We follow the rules set to us by people who govern us
    • If we do crimes, we understand we will get punished for it
    • As a whole, we decide who is in-charge of us

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