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Welcome to Twin City Supernatural RP! First and For most, this is a L3S3V3 forum. If found out you are not of legal age, you will be deleted and your IP will be banned. First and last warning. Otherwise, welcome! Read over the rules, history, and all that fun stuff before making a character! Once settled in, feel free to chat with us. Luna and TxValz are your friendly Co Admins. Their words are Law. Please enjoy your stay at Twin City and try not to find yourself dead.

-Game Master

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Twin City
Welcome to Twin City Supernatural RP! First and For most, this is a L3S3V3 forum. If found out you are not of legal age, you will be deleted and your IP will be banned. First and last warning. Otherwise, welcome! Read over the rules, history, and all that fun stuff before making a character! Once settled in, feel free to chat with us. Luna and TxValz are your friendly Co Admins. Their words are Law. Please enjoy your stay at Twin City and try not to find yourself dead.

-Game Master
Twin City
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It's the middle of February. I know, late to update. But if you couldn't tell, there is no major event running along the Grand Ball. As well, we are going to start pushing more with the grand event. We don't want to exactly hurry everything along, but we do want action to start happening! Feel free to continue to post and enjoy it. Watch out for the drama that is about to go down~

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Post by Game Master Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:56 pm

General Rules

  • |Admins: Luna and TxValz are our Admins on this site. What they say is law. If they deem something is not attainable, then it is not going to be pursued. You cannot pin one against the other. If someone said no, then the answer will be no. If someone has been banned, then there will not be a lift in the ban until the time allotted has be served. So please, do not do something stupid and we will all have a good time here.

  • |Applying: We would like to have everyone sign up as the name of the character you wish to play as. First name is required, or alias they go by. Last is not required though if you wish to add it, feel free to.

  • |Maturity: This site is a L3S3V3 site. What that means is it will be vulgar, it will get disturbing, and it will be 18+ at times. However, this does not mean you can get away with anything. If someone is uncomfortable with an 18+ thread, do NOT do as you please to another's character. If we find out that someone is uncomfortable in a situation, the thread will be locked and the offender will be given a warning.

  • |The World: Twin City is located somewhere in the world very closed off from the rest of Earth. It is somewhere on our actual planet, but the location is not and will not be disclosed. Characters may be from any part of the world (And some, at any point in time), or lived in Twin City all their lives. However, Twin City is the focal point in this website so everything will be centered around this place. It is, if one could not tell at this point, a modern day/futuristic RP so act accordingly.

  • |Chat: Chat is an easy way to talk with everyone and hang out. It is given to those who are deemed good. However, if an Admin asks the group to settle down, we ask that you do. While we allow for most things, when it gets too out of hand, it needs to be reeled back in. Likewise, if you feel as if you are uncomfortable with something the Admin(s) are talking about, feel free to ask them to stop as well and they will reel it back on their end. We are looking for a comfortable and enjoyable space. Not somewhere someone feels they are unwelcome.

Character Rules

  • |Number of Characters: You may have up to 4 total characters at this time. In doing so, we are asking that you make 4 separate accounts for each character. In each new profile, as well as the character sheets, you will state who your first account is and all other accounts. If we find out you have more than the allotted number, we will delete the other account and issue you a warning.

  • |Profiles vs Character Sheets: Everyone will start off with a Character Sheet of a character. It will have the race, age, personality, history, as well as other features such as but not limited to character proficiencies and starting equipment. A Profile is where you will keep all your upkeep on your character. This is where you will have the ability to add items you have bought, keep track of different proficiencies you have collected over time, as well as a slew of other things. The Admins are giving you the power to do so, which means you have the ability to change things on your profile all by yourself. If we find out you are abusing this gift, we will lock up everyone's sheet and we will do it all by hand ourselves and trust us, it will not be pretty on either end.

  • |Races: Here at Twin City, we encourage people to come up with their own races if they do not see a race that they want to play. Once a race is made, we will put it up on a master list that will allow everyone to have the chance to play as one if they wish. So, this means once you have put into motion a race, all rights to that race are given to the site. We will, however, give credit to the owner of the race and refer to them if any dispute comes up. Otherwise, have fun everyone! Please go and be who you want to be!

  • |Death of a character: If for whatever reason your character dies, or you have no want to post as them but as someone else, we will do what we call a "Funeral/Retirement" for them. This means that the character will be unplayable. What does this mean for their items and cash? Well don't worry too much. We will give you back 75% of what they owned. What does this mean? We will take all their items, 'sell' them, take off 25% for a 'processing fee' and give you the remaining balance to go and do with as you wish on a NEW character. This new character will also start off at the level you had left the last character at. If you retired at Level 5, the new character will begin at Level 5 and all the perks of that. However, you cannot go ahead and do this whenever you want. We will have a cool down of 3 months between voluntary Deaths/Retirements. The cool down starts on the date you are accepted as a new character. I know, new characters are cool and exciting. But please don't go killing your characters every week. That is a terrible idea!

Posting Rules

  • |Threads: We encourage all kinds of threads! And as such, we will be rewarding people on completed threads (will be discussed in a different area) with cash money. As for the kinds of threads, be diverse. If you plan on sneaking into a Mafia hideout, just know that you can get in trouble with them, but if an important NPC is needed, you MUST ask permission on using him/her or we will have them show up ourselves.  As well, you may not have the destruction of The Valentines or Rossis Mafia as they are an important faction. As well as Untamed. Feel free to make up small fake ones, but do not do something that will permanently do something to the established factions without our consent.

  • |Rated M for Mature: If you and your partner(s) have decided that you are going to make a mature thread, or if it starts entering that way, please mark it upon your thread for people who do not like graphic content may look elsewhere. As well, please do not make a whole thread just smut. Make it interesting. As stated earlier, please do not do something that will make someone uncomfortable. Rape happens, but do not do it without prior consent to another person's character. Murdering of children is disturbing, but again, it happens. However, the one thing we will not permit is any sexual conduct with a child. In the sake of a plot, it could be hinted at, said it happened, that the person who did it is a fucking monster, but; we will not allow anyone here to RP about the act of it.  If found out, the thread will be deleted completely and anyone participating will be banned from the site permanently without warning. Likes to such acts will also result in a ban without warning. Do NOT do that shit. Okay?  

  • |Missions/Jobs: Here at Twin City RP, we have Missions/Jobs that allow everyone to gain some made cash. More details will be explained later, but here are the basics: These will be done with a "Game Master" (Either Luna or TxValz or Game Master itself) and will allow you to level up. These Jobs are dangerous and will result in damage. If someone reaches 0HP, you have to go and make a recovery thread before you may do another mission/job thread. As such, you will not "die" when you hit 0HP. Not unless you do something very stupid and we deem your character officially dead. Missions/Jobs will be ended by Luna/TxValz/Game Master with the reward at the bottom or with a statement you must seek medical attention and the thread will be locked.

  • |Recovery Threads: These occur when your character's HP reaches 0. In this thread, you must have a complete page worth of you recovering. You may do this solo or you may have someone else there with you. Either way, you must be tending to your wounds in some type of manner: Hospital, your home, applying bandages on the wounds in the streets, Ect. If we feel as if you did not recover, we will not grant you back your HP. Please add in the title RECOVERY somewhere in it.

The System

  • |Chatbox warnings and bans: You will be given 3 warnings before you are ban as a general rule. The first warning will result in you being kicked off Chat for an hour. After the hour, you will be allowed back on. If you repeat your offense or do something else that results in a second warning, you will be blocked from chat for an entire 24hrs. If you are given a third warning, you will not be permitted on chat for an entire week. And if issued a user has to be told a fourth time that something is not okay or their language is inappropriate, they will be permanently kicked off chat for their entire stay. These warnings carry to all characters and accounts.

  • |Site warnings and bans : As stated above, the same will happen here. You will be given 3 chances to fix yourself. After the 4th time you have been told to check yourself or wreck yourself (or told that is not okay), your IP will be ban from the site and you will not be allowed back on.


  • |Discord Link: We now have a Discord Link! While the same rules apply in both the discord and the normal chatbox, I would like to invite anyone and everyone interested in this site to please go ahead and join the discord server. If you have any questions, this is by far maybe the easiest way to get a hold of either me or Trever/TxValz. Link: Twin City Discord Link
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